Imee Chellevold

Imee brings her can-do attitude to the team. Her tenacious ability to learn enables her to quickly know what is needed to get the job done right. She owns a residential plot in Manila and over 8 acres of beach property and farmland in Palawan, Philippines.

Born from a middle class family in the Philippines, her family lost everything due to the lahar flow from the Mt. Pinatubo eruption when she was 11 years old. She learned to live on second-hand items and to adapt to the ways of relatives who hosted her family. Though charity and humility helped them recover from homelessness, it was not a way to live forever. She became disciplined and focused so she could get and keep merit scholarships from high school to graduate school. After acquiring her BS degree in Physics from University of the Philippines – Diliman, she worked as University instructor until she earned her MS degree. She shifted from becoming a physicist to engineer when she worked for AMI Semiconductor (acquired by ON Semiconductor) in 2008 which involved making factories more efficient and developing solutions for customer’s problems. In 2011, she transferred to the company headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and started her family with Devon. Though life has been financially comfortable, it seemed devoid of purpose. After leaving the corporate world in 2014, she experimented with internet ventures while raising two children. Her passion about business fundamentals, research and numerical analysis led her to trading stocks and options for cashflow.

One of Imee’s top skills is in crosspollinating knowledge from very different industries to come up with innovative solutions to a problem. For example, Imee developed a low-cost property management plan that takes into account and turns into simple repeatable process the age-old formula in tenant attraction/retention and value renovation and combined it with relevant technology tools (smart home automation and digital marketing) for their rental unit in Los Angeles, CA. As an apartment investor in class B & C neighborhoods in metropolitan Phoenix, AZ, Imee has the experience of making sense of numbers in a deal, optimizing processes that reduce waste, and producing creative ideas to solve challenges ranging from revenue generation to educating potential CA investors.