Devon Chellevold

Devon’s foray into real estate started when he bought a house in Mesa, AZ as a single guy back in 2005…because it’s supposed to be one of the milestones a successful person had to have. He learned quickly it was all hype. As a responsible owner who survived 2008 recession, he rented four out of five rooms to keep up with mortgage payments while he balanced a full time job. Since then, he has learned the ins and outs of property management including tenant screening and property rehabbing & maintenance. He has successfully bought and sold single family homes and owns over 4 acres of land in metropolitan Phoenix, AZ.

Devon was inspired by his great great grandfather “Huppie” who bought blocks of apartment buildings in St. Louis, MO after the Great Depression. Huppie continued to live humbly to the point that people he rode with in the bus would give him money. Though most of Huppie’s wealth was dispersed over the succeeding generations, his story has sparked Devon’s drive to get out of the class C neighborhood where he grew up.

In 2018, Devon and his family moved to Los Angeles, CA to be closer to his only sibling. This put Devon in a great opportunity to provide value to CA investors and to simultaneously invest in the development of his hometown. As an apartment investor in class B & C neighborhoods in metropolitan Phoenix, AZ, Devon has the advantage of a lifetime of local knowledge, personal connections and analytical skillset. Devon graduated with double degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and worked for NASA-JPL, Spectrum Astro, General Dynamics, Orbital Sciences (acquired by Northrup Grumman), Honeywell and MD Helicopters. As a real rocket scientist at Aerojet Rocketdyne, Devon works during the day to help mankind move one step closer to getting to the Moon and eventually to Mars. He intends to rekindle the multifamily investment business Huppie started like the Phoenix rising from the ashes and someday educate future generations on both equities investing and the business of multifamily real estate investing.