We are a Los Angeles, California-based company
investing in apartments located in the metropolitan areas of
Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler, Arizona and
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas


Devon Chellevold

Managing Partner, Business Relations

Devon Chellevold earned his dual engineering degrees from Arizona State University and worked for NASA-JPL and Aerojet Rocketdyne where he built things from scratch.  Devon is an accredited investor and his investment style favors quality undervalued assets.  Apartment investing is a natural expansion for Devon to capitalize his analytical skills, real estate experience and personal network in his hometown Phoenix, Arizona.

Imee Chellevold

Managing Partner, Operations

Imee Chellevold earned her Masters in Physics from the Philippines’ top University and worked for ON Semiconductor in Phoenix, Arizona. She assumed a variety of roles over 10 years in education, engineering, equity & options trading and her own startups where she sharpened her skills in web development, research, data analysis and business management.


We identify neighborhoods in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ and Dallas Fort Worth, TX with growing population, increasing number of jobs and availability of diverse employers. Phoenix Area Economic Summary. Dallas-Fort Worth Area Economic Summary.

We focus on class B & C apartments with over 100 units that we can renovate and where we can implement other revenue generating updates as part of our value-add & yield play strategy.

Risk management is always in mind.  Building has cashflow on day 1 of acquisition and our projected numbers should make sense compared to investor risk/return, purchase/sale price and economic conditions.  Exit strategy will be to sell in 3-7 years upon achieving financial goals.

We surround ourselves with experienced mentors and forge the necessary alliances to execute our plans.  Our team consists of the broker, lawyers, lender, property management company, contractors, insurance provider, self-directed IRA company and investors like you. We network with other syndicators to become better at what we do.

Our objective is to create value for our partners through profit sharing and keeping them informed every step of the way. We welcome everyone interested in working with us but our focus currently is nurturing Arizona, Texas and California-based investors where we can have frequent in-person interaction.